Motivational Speaker - Sharman Dow Sharman’s mission is to encourage and support business women who want to rock their world, realign their culture by impacting it for the better, and achieve success in the process. Creating personal success in the business world has everything to do with becoming a woman of purpose, passion, and character focused on achieving one’s highest potential.

Sharman draws from her personal experiences of owning an all-woman company in a man’s world. She relates to women’s fears, drawing from her many experiences in the world of professional skydiving and being a certified scuba diver. Her skydiving stories capture the attention of her audience with laughter and tears. She applies the principles she learned in business and sports to enhance women’s individual success.

Her transparency in speaking to her audience provides women the ability to change and transform their lives. Her humor and candidness of the mistakes she encountered and the accomplishments she achieved draws her audience to learn 10 easy steps in finding success.

Sharman’s charisma and special gifting to motivate her audience will propel women to a new level of belief in themselves and a desire to be the best they can be in their career and personal life.

Ten Commandments of Business Success for Women