Inspirational Speaker - Sharman Dow Sharman Dow’s life purpose is to empower women to achieve success and become architects for change in the workplace and in the home. She challenges and inspires women to succeed with integrity and honor without compromising their femininity, true value and God’s purpose for their life. Sharman instills in women the ability to find their inner strengths to achieve success without conceding to the whims of culture, using sexuality as a tool or compromising their character.

Her appeal to women is her uncanny ability to deliver passionate stories of her personal successes and failures — from infiltrating a man’s world in the insurance industry, to starting her own insurance brokerage firm and later being acquired by a top-10 brokerage firm. Her personal struggles with becoming a mother to her husband’s two nieces in the midst of her career will inspire and motivate her audience.

Sharman provides transparency into the corporate world… showing how women are confronted with authentic truths that will establish a foundation of right behavior. She teaches women to develop a single-minded focus in their quest for success. She helps to create strategies for finding passion and elevating a woman’s personal self-image. Sharman brings a genuine positive impact to any conference and speaking engagement. She promises to uplift, inspire, and motivate.

Ten Commandments of Business Success for Women